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Songhoy Blues

"Revelatory" is not an overstatement to describe the power of Songhoy Blues”BILLBOARD

“They really rock, playing with a passion that transfers to the audience, as heads nod and hips inevitably give way to shaking to the slinky grooves”The Quietus

Amidst the terror and displacement of war, music has triumphed, and created a beautiful, unique, & powerful desert rock collective.

Hailing from Gao, Oumar Touré and Aliou Touré grew up obsessed with hip hop, R&B, and classic rock like The Beatles and Jimi Hendrix. They found a kindred spirit and musical brother in guitarist Garba Touré (son of Oumar Touré, long term percussionist in Ali Farka Touré’s band). When growing unrest in the north of Mali forced the young men and their families to take refuge in the southern town of Bamako, they decided to turn crisis into opportunity by forming a band. They enlisted drummer Nathanial “Nat” Dembele and baptized their band Songhoy Blues in celebration of their displaced people and culture. The ambitious young band was soon a popular fixture on the Bamako live music scene.

Their sound is Rock, RnB, & Blues layered on Malian grooves –It’s infectious, mesmerizing, and layered.

In 2013 Songhoy auditioned for producer/manager Marc-Antoine Moreau (Amadou & Mariam, K’Naan) for the extraordinary Africa Express project. From there they recorded ‘Soubour’ with acclaimed producer Nick Zinner (Yeah Yeah Yeahs), which proved a highlight of 2013’s critically applauded “AFRICA EXPRESS PRESENTS…MAISON DES JEUNES.”

Songhoy Blues appear in the acclaimed new film documenting Malian musicians’ fight with the extremist forces that have seen music banned in much of the country. ‘They Will Have To Kill Us First: Malian Music In Exile’ premiered at Austin’s South By Southwest Film Festival 2015.

They continue to gain momentum and fans worldwide – their eclectic sound speaking to a plethora of listeners.

Following successful North American and African tours, Songhoy are bringing their debut release ‘Music in Exile’ to Australia, and Bluesfest Touring is proud to introduce you. This music will get in your bones.