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JD McPherson

A Broken Arrow, Oklahoma native, his dad introduced him to the Delta blues and jazz as a kid, and after getting into Hendrix, Led Zeppelin and punk rock during high school, he picked up a Buddy Holly box set. “Something about that scratched an itch,” he says. “Then I started getting into the black side of rock ’n’ roll: Larry Williams, Little Richard, Art Neville’s stuff on Specialty, then soul and Jamaican rocksteady.”


 And that itch is clearly to be heard on Signs & Signifiers, his seductively kickass debut album. This renaissance man/hepcat seamlessly meshes the old and the new, the primal and the sophisticated, on a work that will satisfy traditional American rock ’n’ roll and R&B purists while also exhibiting JD MCPHERSON’s rarefied gift for mixing and matching disparate stylistic shapes and textures.

With such diverse influences ranging from T-Rex, The Clash, The Pixies and Little Richard and together with his musical partner Jimmy Sutton, JD MCPHERSON belts out his classy hybrid roots and rockabilly, honed with a modern hardcore rock n rhythm & blues edge.

Touring Australia for the first time and breaking new ground and finding new’s time to step up to the plate and give it a good whack – let it Rock !!!

Supporting JD at the BASEMENT  will be Ray Beadle (solo)

Also appearing at Bluesfest 2013