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  “This is a classically trained multi-instrumentalist who devotes equal attention to his violin and guitar onstage, a voluble and arcane lyricist who whistles full solos with the blithe, pitch-perfect clarity of a damn angel’s piccolo.” - Pitchfork

“you couldn't take your eyes off the stage, even for a moment. Except, perhaps, when you were closing them, allowing his violin to take you into a dreamlike state...” – The AU Review

Music innovator Andrew Bird began to play the violin at age four, learning to play Bach and Mozart by ear as if they were folk tunes.  The singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist will be returning to Australia off the back of his most recent release Are You Serious (2016) featuring contributions from Fiona Apple and Blake Mills.  Classically trained, Andrew Bird is known to attract adoring fans who connect with his personal and relatable lyrics, expect to hear a mass whistle-along at his exclusive Australian performances.
"I never walk onstage knowing what I'm doing," says the artist. "It's a shrug-of-the-shoulders
approach and people like it, it seems human to them. I began playing with the idea of reinvention, so that onstage a wild untamed thing can happen. I wanted to make a record that lets me subvert or expand my onstage personality."
This is Andrew Bird’s highly awaited return since 2010 when he moved crowds at Falls Festival and sold out the Sydney Opera House. Do not miss out the return of this remarkable live performer.