Bluesfest Touring

Seasick Steve

Seasick Steve
The Corner Hotel, Melbourne
Tue 10 Apr 2012 - 12:00am to 01:00am
Seasick Steve - Sydney
Metro Theatre, Sydney
Thu 12 Apr 2012 - 08:00am to 10:00am

SEASICK STEVE is back!! - with John Paul Jones in his band- a new album - and even perhaps a new direction and he's heading our way. As well as a special BLUESFEST appearance SEASICK STEVE will be taking on Melbourne in April 2012.

His new album ; You Can't Teach An Old Dog New Tricks showcases not only SEASICK STEVE'S signature array of classic blues styles - but also previously unheard styles of Steve's; from Appalachian mountains and down home Kentucky Bluegrass to Nashville country gospel via Greenwich Village coffee house folk balladry.

Given the aural evidence of his back catalogue, classifying Steve as a blues artist is pretty understandable, but it does do him a slight disservice. His material, like his life, is drawn from a long rich history of experience and a broad palette of influences. "I got so many damned songs, it's like a big old train and only part of them get into the station," Steve affirms. "The rest of them are just waiting for the next station."

And it took a while for that train to reach the first station! After nearly half a century spent in obscurity, SEASICK STEVE -- with one electrifying performance on Jools Holland's Hootenanny, New Years Eve 2007 -- burst on to the UK scene.

Four years and four Jools Holland shows later, plus guest spots on Jonathan Ross, Top Gear, and many more; performances at nearly every major UK festival, including 3 barnstorming main stage Glastonbury appearances, and rocking shows at V Festival, Reading & Leeds, Hard Rock Calling, Latitude Festival, major European festivals like Rock Werchter and Pukkelpop and of course… a couple of visits to BLUESFEST; plus over one million records sold; all serve to firmly establish SEASICK STEVE as a real star.

All of this without a radio hit or playlist, just a battered 3-string guitar, a one-string Diddley Bo' (a piece of 2x4 wood with a string nailed to it) and a collection of other cheap and interesting instruments that some would just about call "firewood", plus the Mississippi Drum Machine (a wooden box with some carpet on top, and a Mississippi license plate on the front).

With these, SEASICK STEVE has sold out such venues as London's historic Royal Albert Hall, the Hammersmith Apollo, Brixton O2 Academy, and many more.

There are no fancy frills in his records, no light shows on stage, no backing tapes, no auto-tune, no whistles OR bells... just some get-down, go-for-it, foot-stomping, real... live... music.

As far as we can figure, this hasn't ever really happened before -- a guy, way past his apparent sell-by date, who has never been famous, suddenly garnering so much attention and success, not just with the older crowds, but equally as much with the young hip festival and concert goers -- this is history. Catch this truly unique performer this Easter.

The Corner, Melbourne - Tuesday 10 April 2012