Bluesfest Touring


Ever dreamt of meeting Prince? The next best thing is rubbing shoulders with the musicians who jammed with him and knew him intimately! Here is your opportunity to hang out with the artists behind "Cream", "Gett Off", "Diamonds & Pearls", "Sexy MF", "Thieves in the Temple" & so many other Prince hits while they honour their mentor and friend. Party like it's 1999 with The NPG, take a photo with the band and go home with a signed laminate!

To enter simply buy tickets to either Sydney or Melbourne performance and go in the draw.

10 winners + a friend will be selected for this once in a lifetime experience!

Winners announced March 1st

For this exclusive Australian tour The NPG are:

  • Morris Hayes - Prince's longest running band member and Musical Director
  • Tony Mosley - long-time choreographer, co-writer and rapper possibly best known for the line "23 positions in a 1 night stand" in Gett Off
  • Kip Blackshire - Prince's backing vocalist, one of three guest vocalists on this tour
  • Kirk Johnson - The drummer who toured with Prince 1990-1998, worked with him until he passed and managed the Paisley Park Estate
  • Damon Dickson - The Percussionist, backing vocalist and dancer who starred in 'Purple Rain' and 'Grafitti Bridge'; recorded on 'Diamonds & Pearls', 'Symbol', 'Gold Nigga' and toured globally on four occasions with Prince
  • Mono Neon - The bass player Prince personally found and hired before he passed away, performed with Prince at Paisley Park and collaborated and recorded until the end
  • Homer O'Dell - Guest guitarist from the Grammy-nominated Minneapolis band Mint Condition
  • Tamar Davis - A Grammy-nominated Prince muse and protégé who will be a guest vocalist on this tour. Tamar toured with Prince and the NPG in 2006; performed on albums '3121' and 'Musicology' and was an original member of Destiny's Child.
  • Andre Cymone - One of Prince's oldest childhood friends and collaborators who performed with him from 1978 and released the Prince-penned R&B hit "The Dance Electric" on his 1983 solo album. Lead guest vocalist on this tour.