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Since releasing their first single at the end of 2017, Melbourne psychedelic garage punks Psychobabel have had a wild six months, delivering their horror-psych themed fuzz tunes matched with a raw and high intensity live show.

About The Deadlines

Inspired by Blues, Psychedelic Rock and straight ahead Rock and Roll, About The Deadlines is a five piece band from Wellington, New Zealand. Known as a high energy, dance heavy big-sound rock band, About The Deadlines is stoked to be opening for Eagles of Death Metal in New Zealand!


EDIE is the moniker of NZ based vocalist, beat maker and producer, Anna Edgington. The producer's avantgarde style of vocal driven electronica blends elements of triphop, experimental electropop and poetry into a haunting emotive soundscape. As a vocalist, she has worked the likes of Devin Abrams (Pacific Heights - A Lost Light), Rhian Sheehan (A Quiet Divide) and Riki Gooch (Cave Circles).

Ruff Neck Renegade Sound

The reggae dancehall selectors, lads, producers and DJs live for system culture and reggae music; and along with guest vocalists, amazing MCs and a massive collection of vinyl dating dating back to the roots of Jamaican reggae to underground dub remixes, they are sure to bring a good time.


Batz create music that doesn’t sit easily or comfortably, the soundtrack to all the heady fun, loose times and bad decisions that happen when the sun gets low and things gets lairy. It lodges under your skin and won’t let go until you sweat it out, or succumb to the righteous badassery.

Eagles of Death Metal
18 April

Benny Walker

Yorta Yorta singer/songwriter Benny Walker is the real deal. He's got the lot; the voice, the songs, the showmanship and the looks to kill. His love songs and epic tales are mixed with passion for people, the land, summer vibes and deep grooves that reach the soul.

Caiti Baker

Born into a household filled with vinyl, CDs and tapes of blues, soul, gospel, jazz, big band and rock & roll, Caiti’s father, a blues musician himself, made sure that she was raised amongst music.

Catherine Tunks

A genre defying songstress of blues, soul, and country rock - Catherine Tunks is redefining what NZ has to come to know as the blues, soul & country genre, with her rock n roll edge stemming from her thoroughbred west Auckland roots.

Clayton Bones Harvey

Bones has been a long time student of the Greats of the Delta and Country Blues genre. His vast repertoire of acoustic styled Rural Blues goes from Son House to Robert Johnson to Mississippi Fred Mcdowell just to name a few.

The Delta Riggs

Mashed with sweat, swagger, and guitars; The Delta Riggs recently announced their signing to the renowned X-Ray Touring roster, where they will join the likes of Coldplay and Eminem.

Daniel Wayne Spencer

Since the age of 19, Daniel Wayne Spencer has been touring, writing and recording with Richard Clapton, Jimmy Barnes, Jon Stevens, Leo Sayer, Rogue Traders, Doc Neeson, Joe Camilleri and Martha Davies. With influences ranging from Ry Cooder and Buddy Guy to Jackson Browne and Ryan Adams, his own music is a blend of blues, rock and country.


DRMNGNOW is independent Artist based in Naarm/Birraranga Neil Morris. His sound and approach, grounded in strong cultural and values fuses a striking interdisciplinary approach to his art as an MC, Instrumentalist and poet with a searing decolonial and culturally engrossing message.

Fenn Wilson

With a baritone that is resonant and expressive, Fenns songwriting forms a snapshot of his recent past; brushes with heartache, depression, world-weariness and uncertainty, and often lightened with compassionate observation, love and redemption. Think George Ezra with Nick Cave’s early song book.

Georgi Kay

With a love for looping electronic beats, bass, synths and vocal chops - Georgi Kay is a British-Australian artist who has received multiple awards for her original work, songwriting and collabs. She has toured with the likes of Ed Sheeran and Tash Sultana.


GORO is the combined force of respected Australian Hip Hop producers Caustic Yoda & Waza. Their sound blends improvisation with structure, mashing up live instruments, records & synths, with nods to early DJ Shadow, DJ Krush and J Dilla.

Jesse Valach

Weaving together intense guitar and soulful vocals, Jesse Valach takes you on a journey from lights down low soul ballads to energetic shuffle romps delivered in demanding fashion.

Bobby Alu

Amidst smooth harmonies, rhythms inspired by a strong family lineage of Polynesian performance, and unassuming grooves that work a gradual, smile-inducing high on even a casual listen, Bobby Alu tunes have a way of sneaking into the subconscious and taking up residence.

Dave Hole

Dave Hole has a dedicated world-wide fan base and is widely regarded as one of the all time slide guitar greats. His first album "Short Fuse Blues" was released in 1991 and he has since gone onto release 9 more incl. "Under The Spell" which won an ARIA.

John Mayall
18 April
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John Mayall
20 April
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John Mayall
22 April
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John Mayall
23 April
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Jordan Mac

Australian 'Progressive Folk and Roots' artist Jordan Mac has fast become known for his dynamic vocals and virtuosic ability on the twelve-string guitar while laying Middle-Eastern and Celtic infused riffs over electronic beats, drums and latin percussion.


Inspired by a wide-ranging collection of genres, the brothers music expands over Blues, Rock, Soul, Funk, Folk and Singer-Songwriter, and blends together styles through their unique use of sounds such as the didgeridoo, raw vocals, and a thumping home-made hybrid drum-kit.

Matty T Wall

With multiple nominations in the Independent Music Awards, International Songwriting Competition, Independent Blues Awards and all albums hitting #1s on the blues radio charts in the USA, Australia and top 40s in Europe, the spotlight is starting to shine on one of the most talented blues-rock-artists.

Reb Fountain

Reb won the Tui for Best Country Album/Artist 2018 for her EP Hopeful & Hopeless, APRA Best Country Song 2018 for the track ‘Hopeful & Hopeless’ and her album Little Arrows was nominated for Best Folk Album of 2018. A pre-eminent singer and performer, Reb has for years been the musicians’ secret.


Genre-defying Wanderers have a trademark symphony of moods - the shredding of guitar riffs, dreamy harmonies, funky bass and a general feeling of nostalgia. They crank out rock tinged numbers that build into raunchy, soulful jams.

Solomon Cole

Solomon Cole's sound evokes the wordy dark tales of Tom Waits, and marries it to the blues effigies of Son House, R L Burnside, or Howlin’ Wolf in spirit, and wraps it all up in a little rock’n’roll package like some Black Keys /voodoo inspired Mardi Gras for the lonesome and downtrodden.

The Lyrical

Since topping the charts on Triple J’s Unearthed for the seventh time, The Lyrical has become THE rising star of the music scene on the Sunshine Coast. Following in the footsteps of Ben Harper, Bob Marley, Michael Franti and Xavier Rudd, The Lyrical reflects the ingenuity it takes to be a great artist.

Sister Liberty

Drawing from her Polynesian heritage and original artistry as a drummer and dancer, Lucinda Anderson weaves a mix of soulful reggae, funk and folk with world music flavours.


WILSN is a force to be reckoned with on stage, captivating audiences with her vocal prowess. With each commanding performance, her authentic brand of soul-influenced pop comes to life.


A contemporary twist on a traditional sonic tapestry. YOLA's debut album 'Walk Through Fire' saw her nominated for four Grammys. She has 'next big thing' written all over her.