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Benny Walker

Yorta Yorta singer-songwriter, Benny Walker is the real deal. He's got the lot; the voice, the songs, the showmanship, and the looks to kill. His love songs and epic tales are mixed with passion for people, the land, summer vibes and deep grooves that reach the soul. Said to possess one of the best voices in Australia, Benny Walker never fails to take you on an emotionally driven sonic journey.

Kara & Mitch Grainger

Captivating vocal talent, a truthful approach to song writing, and incredible guitar playing are just some of what to expect from a performance by Mitch and Kara Grainger. Kara's approach to slide guitar and Mitch’s exceptional grasp of the harmonica makes this brother-sister duo performance an act not to be missed.


Long established as one of South Australia’s premier songwriting and touring outfits, Wanderers have stepped into a new creative domain in recent years. Bringing together influences from across decades of Soul, Rock and Pop luminaries, they have fashioned for themselves a sonic identity that is refreshingly new.

Martinez Akustica

A truly captivating father & sons trio band of Chilean descendant. They play six string acoustic and electric guitars, use their instruments as percussion and vocals to beat box. One minute they play in unison, the next in harmony, then across and against each other - anyone who enjoys listening to guitar must see these incredible players.

Caiti Baker

Listening to an artist like Caiti Baker, it is impossible not to get swept up in a voice that is so seasoned and yet, so contemporary and fresh. Since 2016, the Australian music scene has been enamoured with her rich sonic direction and powerful, soulful presence.


Effortlessly blending the sounds of Soul, R&B and Pop throughout her music, Kee'ahn weaves lush melodies and words reminiscent of heartbreak and healing. She was the 2020 winner of the Archie Roach Award (NIMA) and the 2020 winner of the Music Victoria Award for Best Emerging Artist.


GORO is made up of local Hip Hop Beat Makers Caustic Yoda & Waza. Their live show is a blend of improvised and structured jams, mashing up drums, samples & synths. Their sound is reminiscent of early Hermitude.

Bobby Alu

Though it’s not all palm trees and daydreams from the Byron Bay singer-ukulele-strummer-drummer – there’s a robust energy in Alu’s mastery of traditional Samoan log drums, and a vitality to his song writing that nods to world, Roots and Soul intelligence.